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The Glassbell Series of Fiberglass Planters and Trash Receptacles is designed to coordinate with current architectural trends.

The Glassbell Series is available in various colors, sizes and textures.

All Glassform® planters are molded in pigmented polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. Standard and custom gloss colors and textured polyurethane coatings are available.

All planters are a one-piece, two-stage molding, offering a durable base construction which prevents leakage and minimizes possible breakage from root growth or severe weather changes.

Glassbell Planters
  GBP1230 12" H x 30" Dia. 24 gal. 16 lbs.
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  GBP1618 16" H x 18" Dia. 9 gal. 10 lbs.
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  GBP1830 18" H x 30" Dia. 36 gal. 20 lbs.
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  GBP2018 20" H x 18" Dia. 10 gal. 11 lbs.
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  GBP2418 24" H x18" Dia. 12 gal. 26 lbs.
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  GBP2424 24" H x 24" Dia. 16 gal. 30 lbs.
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  GBP2430 24" H x 30" Dia. 50 gal. 25 lbs.
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  GBP3048 30" H x 48" Dia. 160 gal. 72 lbs.
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  GBP3060 30" H x 60" Dia. 201 gal. 95 lbs.
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  GBP3128 31" H x 28" Dia. 56 gal. 35 lbs.
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